Are you a dentist?

Are you actually as successful as you would like to be?

I believe being a successful dentist and having a long, fulfilling career do go hand in hand. And that you deserve to have a job/dental office that you enjoy – one that supports you to have the life you deserve and dream of.

Of course being an outstanding dentist starts with your skills – sure dental school taught you how to do your job, to do dentistry, but is having a degree – a DDS – all it takes to be a success? If it were there would be multi-million dollar dental offices everywhere but the reality is that is not the case.

Dentists struggle to make ends meet or pay the bills, often spending long hours at the office to see as many patients as possible, burning themselves out while their personal life, relationships and family suffer. And only a handful of dentists reach the dizzying heights of success, time freedom and personal satisfaction.

What is their secret, how do they do it?

The answers to this question and more lie with you, with your potential and natural God given gifts that make you unique and stand apart from the rest.

You have extraordinary skills – skills that dental school did not teach you. You have innate abilities and talents that will allow you to become a visionary leader in your life, career and dental office. But you need to learn how to tap into them to make them work for you.
Working in the field of dentistry can be incredibly rewarding. It can also be extremely stressful, lonely, and oftentimes even frightening.
But you don’t have to do it alone . . . I help dentists like you overcome the challenges in your career, business, life and health, so you can enjoy a fulfilling and enduring career without having to compromise your relationships, your wellbeing, happiness or give up on your dreams.

Imagine if you could finally gain clarity and momentum because you developed and implemented a clear plan for your practice and your personal life!

What would that feel like for you?

  • Imagine your feeling of success as you identify what is holding you back from reaching your full potential because you just let things slide or don’t know how to do things and differently
  • Imagine your feeling of accomplishment because you are now taking real action on the ideas you have wanted to implement to better serve your patients, your family and yourself
  • Imagine creating your practice or having the job of choice where you are in control of the practice/workload rather than it controlling you
  • Imagine making more money and creating more balance in your life and living the life you have always dreamed of

It is possible because it’s been done! I know because I have done it.

There are fun, profitable, and custom-made solutions that will fast track you and your career with proven results to support you to be a successful dentist and create your life of choice – both personally and professionally.

Coaching is an investment in your career, your growth as a leader and in yourself.

Get started now with a free career explosion strategy session and let’s see if you are a good fit for my program.

I would like to book a free career explosion strategy session

This is not going to be just another here’s how to be a successful dentist by managing your team, developing your clinical skills, improving case acceptance, getting more new patients and being more efficient.

Yes these are all very well and good and are fundamental things you need to have in place to have a successful dental office but they are NOT what make YOU a successful dentist aka person.

For you to be successful you need to be happy, enjoying life and work, making money, fulfilling on your dreams and goals whilst being healthy, and having time for yourself and your relationships.

I believe success comes from inside, because of the type of person you are, your attitude to life, your mindset and your ability to be a focussed, strong, visionary leader in your own life. These are the essential ingredients that translate to your work and your business.

It is only when you get you right, that real success starts to happen.

Yes you can and should take courses to improve your clinical skills, attract more new patients and have better communication skills but if you feel unhappy, lack confidence and self-worth, have no focus, are unhealthy and its all work and no play then are you really going to be able to implement and reach your full potential?

Success comes from knowing who you are, what you want and having the mindset, focus and courage to take action, follow through and make changes in your life.

If you want things to be different, then you need to become different.

You need to change what is holding you back and getting in the way of your dreams. This is the first step on the road to success. It starts with you and your desire to become more of who you are and who you are meant to be.

Get your mindset right, let go of limiting beliefs, focus on what means the most to you in your heart and set up a plan to reach where and who you want to be.

Find out more – book a free session to find out if you are a fit for the program

I would like to book a free career explosion strategy session