Dr Rachel Hall Business Coaching for Dentists

Dr Rachel Hall

I help dentists to be happy, reduce stress, make money and love their life again.

CEO and Senior Coach Ascendancy Business Coaching, CEO and Principal Dentist Evolve Dental Healing.

With over 25 years experience in dental practice and many more years in life. I’ve had my ups and downs, challenges and battles but I have always gotten back up, overcome and learnt from life. I invest in my own development and myself and take every opportunity that comes my way. I am just like you and know how hard it is to be the dentist, parent, partner, friend and business owner – but I understand that “if it is to be, then it’s up to me”.

By working on my business and on myself things have fallen into place in my life that I could never have dreamt of and I want to share those lessons and insights with you so you can be successful and happy now.

With love,

Businesswoman, mother, dentist, coach, mentor, speaker, author and social media wizard.

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