Coaching For Dentists

I have found business coaches and dental consultants incredibly supportive, encouraging and able to push me when I needed it. However, any coaching is only successful if you are willing to implement, make changes and put things into action; just like anything in life if you want different results you have to make a decision and be willing to take the steps to get there. It’s like running a marathon you can’t go from sitting on the couch to being able to run 26 miles overnight, you need to train for it and build it gradually with a plan to follow and even better if you have training partner to support you and help you during the tough times.

I see my coach as my partner in my business and have come to trust their judgment and be willing to listen to their advice. It is not always easy and sometimes the team isn’t on board initially but through my leadership and positivity they come with me in the end especially when they start seeing the results and feel a part of that process.

Don’t Wait Until You’re Stuck to Get A Coach

This is why I feel it would be good for you to start your coaching now – imagine having your team and your hygienist on the same page as you so you are, all pulling in the same direction and working toward the same goals. Then when you introduce a new team member or new initiative they come on board with you very quickly as you have an established system and way of doing things that they then fit into rather than starting the whole team from scratch.

You have already set the benchmarks and have the processes in place for your team to learn and adhere to. Systems are the backbone of a business and give you as the Doctor and leader of the team peace of mind knowing that there is a set standard that all follow. A standard of process that works for your office and the patients that assist your hygienist and your team to support you with the patient’s care and production in your office.

I know coaching at first seems a big investment but once your numbers improve as they will if you do what’s needed then the cost pays for itself over and over each month.

I will be quite personal with you now if that’s ok, I have had a difficult year finding a replacement for my primary hygienists role and my coach has supported me every step of the way in the hiring process, training and in the decision to say sorry this one isn’t really right for us and its not working out. Despite these difficulties we have continued to break even and turn a profit plus implement the steps that I want to take me closer to my vision. I know without having a coach in my corner I would have put my offices plans on hold while I waited for things to be perfect which would not have been the best outcome and would have seen us loosing money and being in very different circumstances to where I am now with a brilliant well trained team and a new hygienist who is a perfect fit for the business and our patients.

At the end of the day only you can decide if a coach is what you need and if I am the right fit for you and your office. But I know without coaching I would not be where I am today with a solo dentist office turning over just shy of $2M working a 34 hour week and growing to have expanded hours in our hygiene department.

What is your vision for you personally, your business and your office? What is standing in the way of you achieving that? What is your biggest challenge right now and what do you need to do to take you closer to you your goals? Can you do that by yourself or like a great basketball/football team do you need a coach to help you become top of your game?