Creating Flow In Dental Practice

Are you able to flow or do you find yourself constantly pushing and driving your dental practice, your team and yourself in search of results, more dollars, and more patients.

Surely, as the thinking goes, if I just work hard I will succeed and get results.

So you keep pushing and pushing taking on more, staying at the office later and later trying to make it happen because after all you’re the dentist, you’re the boss, it’s your dental office and hey you’re the one who is responsible for making it happen.

Because if for one moment you stopped doing all that you do then the whole mess would come down around your ears like a house of cards and you would have to face the fact that you are exhausted, stuffed, mentally finished and you’ve given it your all.

And despite all that you’ve invested financially, emotionally and time wise, it’s not what you imagined, you’re not having fun, your passion has gone and you can’t even remember why you thought dentistry would be such a great idea in the first place.

You’ve been carrying your practice on your back for so long you are scared to let go, to stop, to change and to relax the relentless intensity. The bottom line, the bills, the patient’s need you so push, push, push you go.

The joy and the love for your work and the people you want to help has all but gone and its must get the task done, have to pay the bills and one day it will get better.

What If You Stopped Pushing

But what if you stopped pushing and things didn’t collapse, what if you made a plan for your life, a life plan that allowed you to be you and do the things that make you happy and restored your joy and love for dentistry.

That allowed you to flow and be and not have to drive so hard.

And what if by being in flow your ability to be in the moment and appreciate your life, yourself, your family and the people you work with went through the roof.

What if you found yourself laughing and enjoying your work, fired up, reignited, productive, creative and with passion for what you do again.

Could the answer to our dental practices problems, our team and life simply need us to let go and not have to push so hard to make things happen.

I think so, in fact I know so because I have lived and experienced both ends of this spectrum – super driven, all about tasks, results, outcomes and dollars and sure it paid the bills and got the job done but in it I stopped having fun, I was down and felt like selling my practice as what’s the point when you think you hate it and all you are doing is going through the motions and your business has taken over, almost stolen your life from you.

So I called a big fat stop to that and asked myself what do I love to do, what makes me feel good, what makes me feel on fire?

Bring Fire To Your Dental Practice

The answer caring for myself by having a walk or going the gym, time out with a good book, hanging out with my friends, a simple meal with my family. And you know what I did I scheduled these into my life and made a plan to say yes to my life first and my dental office second.

I stopped pushing so hard to make things happen, sure of still of strategy, goals and actions to get me there but I don’t need for it all to be done at once or be completed yesterday.

It was like a switch got flipped and I went from being overwhelmed, grumpy, resentful and frustrated to enjoying my patients, making time to chat with them, scheduling meetings with my team so I can check in with their progress, tasks and find out where they need support or what ideas they have for the practice.

I communicated my needs and expectations and stopped trying to micromanage or do it all and allowed my team to help and support me.

I was in the zone, pumped up, on fire and loving dentistry again and guess what the more I was in my flow the more the business flowed too. It was like turning on the tap of new patients, income and creativity.

What Will You Choose?

So what will you choose – to flow and re-energise your life or to keep pushing all the while draining yourself physically and emotionally until you burn out and hate your work and your life?

Its a choice, your choice! It’s your life and you get to call the shots on how you want things to be.

Try flowing and see how it feels and what happens when you stop driving so hard.

Now at first getting into the flow seems like it’s not that easy as you need to let go your vice like grip on the steering wheel of your business and trust that it’s going to be ok.

Flow is about being in the zone, things just happen, people constellate into your life, opportunities appear, and mentally your on your game, alive focused.

When things flow you enjoy what you do and feel positive, have greater clarity and heaps more energy.

When you’re in flow time seems to expand, you get more done for much less effort and greater reward.

Being in flow gives you the feeling that you have the potential to achieve and succeed at anything – Now isn’t that worth taking your foot of the gas for?

I’d like to know what your thoughts are so please share what has come up for in the comments.