How to tell if your dental marketing is attracting new patients?

Before you start any dental marketing campaign or engage a marketing company at great expense there are some things you need to know first.

Without metrics and figures you have no benchmark to compare your new marketing initiatives against to see if they are working.

Also you need to consider what results you want: do you want more new patients, of course you do…

But do you want just any old new patient – do you want to get them in on a freebie or discount, do you simply want more new enquiries so you can say hey our marketing is working.

Or do you want quality leads that want your dentistry and what you do at the price that you do it. Sometimes quality over quantity is a much better goal. I’ll explain why later.

Metrics and Benchmarks

Let’s start by looking at to those metrics and benchmark figures. You need to know:

  1. How many new patients you currently see each month
  2. How many new patient enquiries you get each month
  3. How many new patient enquiries your team convert to bookings
  4. How many of those new patients keep their appointment
  5. How many new patient treatment plans you present
  6. How many new patient treatment plans you convert to actual dentistry done

From these figures you can see what is or isn’t working in your dental practice as well as finding out if your marketing is working or not.

Dentists Blame Their Marketing

I see too many dentists who tell me they are not getting enough new patients and blame their marketing when the truth is they are actually getting tones of new enquiries but their front desk team fails to book them in.

Or they are getting lots of new patients but their case acceptance is shocking so they are not converting new patients into dentistry and production.

Here the issue is not the marketing but the systems, scripting and training in the dental practice.

On the other hand, dentists tell me they are getting so many new patients they can’t keep up yet when you look at their figures their production and income does not reflect this.

The reason being they are getting backsides in seats based on free or cheap consultations for patients who do not want or can’t afford full fee dentistry. They are attracting bargain hunters not genuine loyal new patients. Here they are going for quantity of quality!

Stop Wasting Your Dental Marketing Dollars

Are you paying for poor quality leads, who are not only costing you your marketing dollars but your time and money in the chair too.

There is nothing more frustrating than presenting a treatment plan which is never ever, ever going to get accepted.

If this is you, you need to stop now and save yourself a fortune as you are simply throwing your marketing budget away.

The good news is once you know your numbers, you can work out where things are falling down and make changes that will have those dental marketing campaigns giving you the return on investment you deserve.

How to tell if your dental marketing works!

As I said successful dental marketing comes down to tracking results. Don’t just hope your practice’s marketing plan is working. You need to see real, tangible results in the form of high-quality new patients walking in the door every month.

  1. Track your metrics – This is so important when it comes to marketing I’m going to repeat it. Start with the list I gave you earlier and then set a reachable goal for how many new patients you’d like a month.
  2. Track your online presence – Then you need to see what is supporting you to attract new patients – for example statistics from your website, Google analytics and Facebook advertising so you can see what pages and topics are getting attention and more importantly getting people to call you.
  3. Track those incoming calls – How many phone calls convert to new patients. I’ll say it again – It doesn’t matter how many potential new patients call your office if they don’t make it from the phone to your chair. By tracking this number every month you can make sure your office staff has the training they need to turn phone calls into new patients.

Simple Must Have Marketing for Dentists

A Patient-Centric Website.  Your website is at the centre of any marketing campaign. Your marketing will be directing people to your website, that means every part of your website needs to be focused on providing the information a new patient needs and be encouraging people to call and book an appointment.

Online Reviews. Building trust is the quickest way to develop a relationship with new patients and one of the best ways to do this is by getting your patients to tell people about you. This builds the trust factor for you. Use online reviews to develop your dental practice’s reputation. Ask 1-2 of your best patients each day to leave a review for your practice on Google. This will help promote your practice to potential new patients searching for a dentist.

Outstanding Front Desk Team. Like I’ve said before, (and I make no apology for saying it again) there is no point to investing in marketing if your team isn’t trained to convert calls into new patients. Make sure you have enough staff to answer the calls coming in as well as manage patients in person. Make use of phone scripts to train your front office team to answer questions and book new appointments. Make you front desk team part of your marketing campaign have them reinforce that the caller has made the right choice to call your office by making that caller feel special and important.

So before you blame your marketing – take stock of your systems and processes in your dental office and also assess the type of new patients you are attracting and make the changes you need to get your marketing bringing you quality new patients who become long term valuable patients.