New Patients Is That Really The Answer?

I was just thinking, what does it take to be successful at dentistry and look, if you ask a lot of people, ask a lot of coaches or you read articles or dental business books, they just talk about focusing on getting more new patients.

You’ve got to get more new patients, more new patients, more new patients, and then that’s the answer. I’m just going to get more new patients and I’ll be successful at dentistry, but come on. Is that really it?

Success Is Measured In New Patient Numbers….

I mean, if that was the answer, then we’d all be successful because there’s millions of people out there with teeth, millions of people with tooth ache and millions of people who need a dentist.

Yet some dentists really struggle. They’re living off their overdrafts and not making any money. They’re depressed, their relationships and their health is breaking down … and then there’s others who are doing absolutely amazing and fantastic things.

Dentists Living The Dream

I’m living the dream. I work three and a half days a week. I drive a really lovely car. I’ve got great relationships. Good health and a lovely home. I get to go the beach and hang out with my friends, have barbecues – it’s just the life that I dreamed of and I’m telling you it’s not because I have hundreds of new patients.

My practice gets around 30 new patients a month. That’s not a lot for one dentist and oral health therapist.

The reason I’m successful is because I’ve focused on all the things that I feel make you a good business person, a good leader, and a CEO of your life and your dental practice.

Now, whether you’ve got your own dental practice or whether you’re just starting a career in dentistry or you’re thinking about owning or buying your own practice, then all these things still apply.

Success Formula

You need a good mindset. You need to be positive. You need to be focused. You need good habits that are going to support you. To be healthy, sleep well, be rested.

You need to plan, have a vision and goals. You need to be accountable to yourself. Then as a leader, you need to raise your bar. You need to be continually learning new things and applying those to the way. Not only do you do dentistry, but the way you communicate and speak to your team and to your patients.

Now, there’s no good having tons of new patients. If you can’t treatment plan and you can’t diagnose and you can’t offer the best dentistry. If you’re sitting there going, oh, I can’t tell somebody you need a crown, then you’re never going to be successful because you’re going to be underselling yourself. You’ve got to value yourself.

You’ve got to have self worth. You got to get over any money issues. You’ve got know how to speak to people, how to increase case acceptance, how to lead your team.

Even if you’re not the boss, you still need to guide your dental assistants and your front desk people to be able to get patients in your book.

You need to be able to manage your money, manage your time, be efficient and productive and be systemised in a way that you do things.

So without all that, you could have 100 new patients a month, but you’re not going to be successful because you’re not managing yourself and the backend and you haven’t developed the skills that you need to be a great dentist.

So if you want to learn how to take your dental practice or yourself as a dentist to the next level, then don’t just focus on new patients and marketing.

Focus On Success

Focus on personal and professional development.

Get a coach, join a program, learn how to master your business skills, your leadership, and your communication.

I’ve developed Dentalogic and my coaching programs because I believe I have the skill sets that I can teach you to learn to do what I did without having to make all the mistakes I made.

I’m telling you, I wish I’d have knew half of what I know now when I was setting up my own practice. But sometimes you have to learn the hard way but I don’t want you to learn the hard way. I want you to have a great life.

I want you to have fun and do whats needed to be able to have that elusive work life balance and truly be happy and successful and be able to look back and have no regrets. I want you to really enjoy what you do, be proud of what do and how you do it.

That you can leave behind a great legacy without being burned out, exhausted and not able to retire because you’ve got no money.

So if you’d like to have a successful dental career, then I’m asking you to reach out and together we can what’s needed for you to be a great dentist and a have a wonderful happy and healthy life where you get to set what you define is success.  I want to help you to do that.